PETAKO s.r.o.

Since 1997, the PETAKO s.r.o. company realizace the pieces of the furniture. This woodwork company posses its own production

We offer:

The furniture

  • for the sitting room, badroom, child’s room, office room, the entrance hall
  • in the customary or atypie sizes
  • all shades of colour

The kitchen furniture

  • kitchen cabinets made to measure and including the appliance and others detaile
  • large choice from a different type and size of the cupboard door (masive or plastic)
  • all shades of colour
  • customer sevice (design projekt)

The masive furniture produktion

  • benchs, tables, chest of drawers, ward-robe, doors, stairs, handrails
  • copies of the old style furniture (antique style)
  • woodcarving, spinning, sulphatage and varnishing info a large choice of shades
  • all kinds of wood
  • the customary and atypie sizes

The Furniture for office, garden, restaurant, hotel or an equipment for car-show

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